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HYDAM International General Trading LLC is a part of HYDAM Development Corporation based in California, USA Hydam was formed in Dubai - UAE in the Year 2005 with a strong conviction towards servicing the growing construction industry, an industry which is fast paced and requires companies to understand and fulfill its needs and core necessities. HYDAM very much sees itself as the right balance between the design and architectural community and the general contracting entity. Our goal is to satisfy architects and designers with good quality and innovative products which are aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously satisfy the general contractors with value engineered and affordable products backed by our services and co-operation.

HYDAM represents leading global quality manufacturers like C/S GROUP. DLW (Amstrong). MIGUA. NESITE and others The core architectural and finishing products being Acrovyn Wall Protection Systems. Entrance Mats. Vinyl (PVC) and Linoleum flooring. Expansion loint Covers, Raised Access floors. Sports flooring. 3D Wall Panels. Carpet flooring, and Rubber guards for parking structures.

With a strong technical understanding of the needs of the construction industry we hope to grow with this industry and leave a positive mark on our customers. We look forward to assisting architects, designers and specifiers in creating proper product specifications. With our experienced and trained staff, we aim to add service and co-operation value to our quality products

We invite you to check our quality products and the overall experience of dealing with HYDAM International General Trading LLC.

Acrovyn Wall Protection

Heavy-duty protection against wall abuse, Acrovyn Rigid Sheet is the perfect wall covering for interiors subjected to daily abuse. Known as the industry standard, Acrovyn® Wall Protection can be utilized in almost any facility. Acrovyn wall protection is ideal for high-impact areas such as healthcare and educational facilities, and offers ultimate durability and protection. This wall protection can also be incorporated into airports to protect against damage and provide a quality aesthetic.

Entrance Floor Mats

Keep floors clean and enhance entranceways with industry-proven PediSmart, and Pediluxe, known for their quiet operation, aggressive scraping, trapping and storage capabilities and simple maintenance. These long-lasting mats can be surface- or recess-mounted and are available in an exceptional array of finish and insert options to match any decor.

  • Heavy duty: Exterior carpet inserts are specially made fibers providing scrubbing action and moisture removal, remaining firm in heavy foot traffic
  • Colour retention: Ultra-Violet stabilizers prevent colour degradation
  • Hygienic: PediSmart mats do not rot or allow the growth of mildew, or retains odours.
  • Maintenance: Long lasting and durable. Rolled up for ease of cleaning
  • Local manufacture reduces delivery time and costs.

DLW Vinyl Flooring

Outstanding hygiene, high-performance surfaces, extended Mix & Match construction system, new structures and modern colors. DLW Vinyl Floor covering is extremely hard-wearing and is perfectly suitable for particularly heavily used areas like for e. g. in healthcare or industrial facilities or shops. A large choice of beautiful colors and attractive designs give you a great scope for your own individual interior design.

  • Highest resistance to scratches with thanks to its coating PUR+
  • Fulfils the requirements of the most important environment certificates
  • Reduced emissions leading to better climate in rooms
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals
  • Less growth on germs and bacteria due to Sanitized®hygiene function
  • Antistatic and conductive properties
  • Mix & Match: the functional construction system for every demand

DLW Linoleum Flooring

DLW Linoleum flooring is the natural solution in our range of floor coverings: DLW Linoleum consists almost entirely of renewable raw materials - which makes this simple floor covering particularly environmentally friendly. The varied designs and delightful colours give DLW Linoleum an attractive appearance which fits perfectly into any setting. With DLW Linoleum you can count on contemporary and sustainable floor covering that is "Made in Germany".

  • 98 % organic or mineral-based raw materials
  • 80 % renewable: Linseed oil , natural resins, wood and cork powder, jute
  • Fulfils the requirements of the most important environment certificates
  • Over 100 attractive colours and designs
  • Has won renowned Design Awards
  • Antibacterial and particularly low-maintenance
  • Ideal in the health and education sectors, for example
  • Feels pleasantly warm to the feet and pleasant to touch

Raised Access Flooring

Raised floor is important component of server room and data center. Nesite has been producing raised access floor for almost half a century, combining the best of tradition and innovation. Nesite, the Italian company that brought raised floors to the maximum level of creativity and technology offering a perfect modularity together with the most prestigious finishes. Our Raised flooring system consists of high quality wood core type access floor, calcium sulphate raised access floor system which is anti static. Being in the field for 50 years, Nesite stands out for its innovative design, its perfect engineering and Italian manufacturing.

You can choose from a variety of finishes such as:
  • Bare faced access floor steel encapsulated panels for the installation of loose lay carpet tiles.
  • Factory bonded finishes such as anti-static vinyl for computer suites containing static sensitive equipment.
  • Special factory finishes such as marble, stone, etc.

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall designs. The decorative wall panels give an extra dimension to your walls and compliment just about any room in the house. 3D wall panels are used for Residential & Commercial projects: Hotels, Office lobbies, Retail outlets, Restaurants, Trade show exhibits and more. They make for beautiful and extravagant looking accent walls and will bring your walls to life!


Rubber parking products are an economical and effective way to protect your parking area and the people in it. The durable rubber material is lightweight, low maintenance, and can contour to uneven road surfaces. It is many times lighter than cement, denser than plastic, and more durable than either. Where cement or plastic cracks, rubber compresses. The result is a parking stop that is long-lasting and low maintenance. Natural rubber as well as Synthetic rubber like Chloroprene (neoprene) rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber, Butyl Rubber and EPDM, etc. are used to manufacture the components.


With a Professional Design Team & expert Fabrication High Pressure Laminate Materials are used in Manufacturing of Different items like Toilet Cubicle Systems, Lockers in HPL & Metal, Benches, Vanities, Urinal Partitions & Wall Claddings.


Our eco friendly portfolio focuses on the design and creation of innovative products to meet the needs of architects, specifiers and contractors with a continuously expanding range of carpets to suit the education, leisure, commercial and public sectors need for carpet tiles & planks. Product ranges span fibre bonded, structure bonded®, loop pile, cut pile and textured loop pile carpets in sheet and tiles, as well as performance barrier system and entrance matting products.


Proper, professional installation is as important to total performance as the manufacturing process and materials used. Poor installation not only can affect the performance of the product, but also the safety of the end user. Our installation teams are specialized and have experienced personnel with proper tools and techniques for installation of the products we supply.

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3D Wall Panels
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